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The Saving One by Starfield
The Saving One (2010)
Label: Sparrow

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No Other Saviour by Starfield

Lord of every age
Author of our faith
The first, the last, the same
The name above all names

Crowned in majesty
Glorious Prince of Peace
Throned at God's right hand
The world at His command
The world at His command

Jesus, Lamb of God
How great You are
There is no other Saviour
Every knee bows down
At Your renown
There is no other Saviour

Merciful High Priest
Lover of the least
Generous and meek
Protector of the weak

Sacrificed to death
For us, Your final breath
You died, the world to save
To overcome the grave
To overcome the grave

You will reign forever
You reign forever



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