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Crazy Love by Hawk Nelson
Crazy Love (2011)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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My Next Breath by Hawk Nelson

Just when I thought I was gone,
Too far, too far gone
And no one cared

Just when I thought I was lost,
So lost I'd never be found
I turn around and you're right there
You're right there

You open up your arms
And give me a new start
I need you,
I need you more than my next breath

I know that I am loved,
Cuz you bought me with your blood
I need you,
I need you more than my next breath

Ashamed of who I've become,
Afraid that if I look up,
I'd see your tears

But you have called me by name
And you have loved me the same
I'm forever changed
And you are here,
You are here


I surrender my soul,
To your love,
To your hope,
Where you go
I will go with you




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