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Saturate by Jeff Deyo
Saturate (2004)
Label: Gotee

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Many Crowns by Jeff Deyo

A crown of thorns
A mockery
Of You my God
Of You my King
You take my place
A place so bleak and cold

A symbol of
A desperate deed
Your desperate Love
Your kindness Lord
Resounds inside of me

There will never be
A crown so cruel
You wore it like a king
A king of fools
you will always be
the only King of Kings

A crown of thorns
A crown of hate
For all You had
For all You gave
The King of all
Would rather serve than reign

Crowned with many crowns
You are crowned with many crowns

A crown of thorns
A crown of death
Forsaken by
Both God and man
But You prevailed
To live and reign again



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