Jeremy Camp
Jeremy Camp These Days

These Days

Sparrow (2024)
These Days
Jeremy Camp When You Speak

When You Speak

Sparrow (2021)
Anxious Heart
When You Speak
Jeremy Camp The Story's Not Over

The Story's Not Over

Sparrow (2019)
Dead Man Walking
Out Of My Hands
Jeremy Camp The Answer

The Answer

Sparrow (2017)
My Defender
The Answer
Word Of Life
Jeremy Camp I Will Follow

I Will Follow

Sparrow (2015)
Christ In Me
He Knows
Same Power
Jeremy Camp Reckless


BEC (2013)
Come Alive
My God
Jeremy Camp We Cry Out - The Worship Project

We Cry Out - The Worship Project

BEC (2010)
Jesus Saves
The Way
We Cry Out
Jeremy Camp Speaking Louder Than Before

Speaking Louder Than Before

BEC (2008)
Speaking Louder Than Before
There Will Be A Day
Jeremy Camp Restored


BEC (2004)
Lay Down My Pride
This Man
Jeremy Camp Stay


BEC (2002)
Take My Life