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Volume 1 by The Becoming
Volume 1 (2008)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Your Love by The Becoming

many times i've wandered
and more times i've been lost
but You always find me
because You're never gone
now they sing a requiem
a funeral in my name
it's a haunting thing to hear
if it were not for Your grace

Your love, it takes me home
from all i've ever known
Your love it takes me home

I see Your familiar face
I find warmth in Your arms
in this place I feel safe
You protect me from all harm
through all the darkest days
You still remain
when there's no medication
that could ever ease my pain

the days are getting darker
but my eyes are getting stronger
so that I may find my way
the road is getting shorter
but You keep holding tighter
as You take me away



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