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Sunrise To Sunset by Paul Wright
Sunrise To Sunset (2005)
Label: Gotee

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Take This Life by Paul Wright

Take this life
Forgive me for the words I spoke before they ever left my throat
My heart would rather rebel than obey
Forgive me for this life of sin I know
I need a new beginning Lord I've gone astray
Take this life make it yours
Do what's right oh Lord
You got to take this life take this life
You got to make it make it right
Take my flesh take my pride take the sins I try
To hide take my doubts take my fears
all the pain and all the tears and I fall down on my knees
Lord I'm begging ya please Lord
Take the shame take the blame it's all the same
Take this life
Make it right
Take this life
I don't want to live a life that's compromising to the King
I'd rather live for you than live for me or anything
Take this life (and all my hidden sins)
Do what's right (and everything within) oh Lord
You got take this take this life
You got make it right



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