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Bleach by Bleach
Bleach (1999)
Label: Forefront

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Sun Stands Still by Bleach

I have been so worn and so spent
Medicate whatís left and leave the rest
Fight to love and live I must confess
Medicate whatís left forget the rest
Stranger things have touched and graced the ancient eyes
And it comes as no
Should come as no surprise

And I found it hard to believe
But I know that You will
Yeah I know Your will
Because the sun stands still
The sun stands still

Bathe in beams of love and jealousy
To breathe the light of heavenís kiss
A million beams will wait just for me just for me
You hold the day with bloodstained wrists
Oh Jesus, Youíre the One
Who puts the Hallelujahs on my lips
Youíre the holder of the sun
Sweet salvation
Yes yes Jesus Youíre the One

So when I stand on Gideon
And when the night has come
Iím not alone I see the light
Of the One, of the One I love

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Jesus Youíre the One
Youíre the holder of the sun



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