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Until Everyone Is Free by Caleb Rowden
Until Everyone Is Free (2009)
Label: Slanted

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Love Song For A King by Caleb Rowden

Hands lifted high, it speaks of our surrender
Knees to the earth, it speaks of how we need to feel You
God, we are here waiting, we wait for Your spirit
We cannot live another day without Your presence

Sing it out, sing a new song
Sing it out, a love song for a king, a love song for our king
Shout it from the mountaintops
Let all creation sing of Your great love
And Your grace and for everything You do…this is why we worship You

Hearts overwhelmed, by the wonder of Your goodness
Our lives have been changed, we will never ever be the same
God, this is our longing, this is our hearts cry
Won't You send Your fire now upon Your children

You are the beginning and the end
You are much closer than a friend
You are the unchanging one

Many in the field are waiting, who will go, who will go for me?
I can hear their voices crying out, they all say
Here I am, here I am, send me

Your glory shines bright like the sun
I'm captured by Your beauty
Lord I come



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