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Worship Volume I - I Stand For You by Tree63
Worship Volume I - I Stand For You (2006)
Label: Inpop

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Lift by Tree63

Jesus, Jesus, hear us
As we call on you
As we call Your Name

Be pleased Lord
With all that You hear
As we worship You
Oh Lord, please draw near

For we are longing just to glimpse
Your beauty Lord

We lift You up
Lord, we lift You up
We have come to see Your face
Yes, we lift you up
God, we lift you up
Jesus, come and take Your place

Holy, pure and true You are
How we need You Lord
To cleanse us with Your love

So come, Lord
Won't You come, Lord?
(And) as we lift Your Name
Draw all men to You

We're longing to be less ourselves
and more like You



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