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Devotion by Newsboys
Devotion (2004)
Label: Inpop

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I Love Your Ways by Newsboys

They shine like dawn on an open Psalm
A knowing smile from something You said
I hunger for the daily bread of Your ways
Ah, the bread of You ways
They glow like blue in a field of black
Illuminating the runway ahead
I love to follow the angel tread of Your ways
Ah, the tread of Your ways

I love Your ways (Your true, Your perfect ways)
I love Your ways (So beautiful to me)
Love always (and faithful to restore)
I love Your ways

And when I tire, they bring a second wind
A word in season, a gleam in Your eye
I love to feel the runner's high of Your ways
Ah, the high of Your ways
I lived so long under basement floors
The flickering lights, the windowless gloom
I'm here to stay in the upper room of Your ways
Ah, the room of Your ways

I need Your good word speaking
When there's nothing to say
I need Your Spirit here
Breathing on my every day
Every night I need Your love's pure light
And I've learned forever to trust
Ever to follow
Ever I'll praise Your everlasting ways



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