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No Ordinary Love by Rawsrvnt
No Ordinary Love (2011)
Label: Soul Deep

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Here I Am to Worship (feat. Audrey Assad) by Rawsrvnt

(Verse 1)
Light of the world / You stepped down into darkness / And You opened my eyes so I could see / (Let me see the light) / And Your beauty made this heart hear adore You / (Made my heart) / O what a hope of a life spent with You / Yeah

(Audrey Assad)
Here I am to worship / Here I am to bow down / And here I am to say that You're my God / You're altogether lovely / Altogether worthy / And altogether wonderful to me

(Ad Lib)
Yeah / You're so wonderful to me Lord / So beautiful to me

(Verse 2)
(Audrey Assad)
King of all days / O so highly exalted / (You're so exalted) / Glorious in Heaven above / (Glorious O yes my Lord) / O and humbly You came to the earth You created / (Created all the earth) / All for love's sake became poor / Yeah yeah


(Rap Verse)
Yo / Hey / You're so wonderful to me my Lord / So I gotta give up just for You my Lord / 'Cause I'll never really know what it cost You Lord / For me to get life like forever more / So I give thanks and praise for this life that I live / 'Cause You freed from the struggle and the wrestle with sin / So I-I-I-I gotta take time out to say thank Ya / Yeah

(Audrey Assad)
I'll never know how much it cost / To see my sin upon that cross (Repeat x 2)

(Chorus) (Repeat x 3)

(Audrey Assad & Rawsrvnt)
You're wonderful to me God / So beautiful to me (Repeat x 3)



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