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Absolute Modern Worship 2 by Sonic Flood
Absolute Modern Worship 2 (2006)
Label: Fervent

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Everyday by Sonic Flood

What to say Lord it's You Who gave me life
And I, I can't explain
Just how Much You mean to me
Now that You've saved me Lord
I give all that I am to You
That everday I will
Be a light that shines Your name

(verse 2 and 3)
Everyday Lord I'll learn to stand upon Your Word
And I pray that I, that I might
Come to know You more
That you would guide me in
Every single step I take and
Everyday I will be Your light unto the world

Everyday it's You I live for
Everyday I'll follow after You
Everyday I'll walk with You my Lord

It's You I live for everyday
It's You I live for everyday
It's You I live for everyday



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