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Unleashed Beyond by Skillet
Unleashed Beyond (2017)
Label: Atlantic

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Brave by Skillet

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Verse 1
My feet were made to march like thunder
My lips to praise, in awe and wonder
My hands hold power
And my lungs breathe fire
Holy Spirit fire
Holy Spirit fire

Pre Chorus1
All on your love I stand
Because of who you are
I know who I am

Chorus 1
Wherever I will go
Wherever you will lead
I never walk alone
Your spirit is with me
You're with me as I go
So I will not be afraid
You call me to be brave
In you
In you
In You
You call me to be brave

Verse 2
No height
No depth
No fear can shake me
Held firm
Your hands
Will never fail me
I won't lose strength
For your strength is mine
You will be my light
In the darkest night

Pre Chorus 2 - Same as 1st


Rise up, keep the faith
I will not be afraid
Your Spirit lives inside
Your Spirit is alive



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