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Let The Worshippers Arise by Phillips, Craig & Dean
Let The Worshippers Arise (2004)
Label: INO

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Because I'm Forgiven by Phillips, Craig & Dean

There's a reason why I bring
You this simple offering
Pouring out my love to You
And though my heart cannot express
All this joy and gratefulness
Still I sing this song of love and thanks and praise.

It's because I'm forgiven
It's because I'm free
It's because You've shown my mercy and You believed in me
It's because You're my Savior
It's because You're my friend
And Your love it lifts me higher than I've ever been.

Oh the wonder of Your ways
Oh the measure of Your grace
Greater than my heart can know
So how could I not celebrate
How could I not bless Your name
Singing out a song of love and thanks and praise.

Repeat chorus.



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