Matt Redman
Matt Redman Homecoming (Live)

Homecoming (Live)

Bethel Music (2021)
Son of Suffering
Matt Redman Let There Be Wonder (Live)

Let There Be Wonder (Live)

Integrity (2020)
All Praise
The Same Jesus
Upon Him
Matt Redman Unbroken Praise (Live)

Unbroken Praise (Live)

Six Steps (2015)
It Is Well With My Soul (Live)
Matt Redman Passion - Take It All

Passion - Take It All

Six Steps (2014)
Sing and Shout (Live)
Matt Redman Your Grace Finds Me

Your Grace Finds Me

Six Steps (2013)
Your Grace Finds Me (Live)
Matt Redman Beautiful News

Beautiful News

Sparrow (2006)
Beautiful News
You Never Let Go
Matt Redman The Father's Song

The Father's Song

Sparrow (2000)
Holy Moment